A representative from each team wishing to take part in the 2019/2020 Darts Season is asked to attend this meeting.


Currently 27 Teams have now confirmed their entry to the 2018-19 season ( as of 24-7-19)

All entries viewed here:teams_confirmed.pdf

A List of Proposals to be Submitted at the AGM are shown below:

Proposal received from David John Anderson on 14-7-19: that all venues have 2 good condition match boards to play on during a Friday night League game, incase there are any time issues.

Proposals submitted by members of following Intercounty Team meeting on 9-7-19:

Propose a new League format with the following :

- League matches consisting of 2 sets of 6 Singles Games Best of 5 legs in Premier Division (Lower Leagues may decide to reduce to best of 3), No Doubles.

- Beery leg to be played for fun does not count as a point.

- At the start of each game players bull up with the home team throwing for bull 1st in first 6 games and away team throwing first in the 2nd 6 games.

- League points will be awarded as 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss

- A bonus point will be awarded to any team that reaches 9 point (eg, wins a game 9-3 or 10-2).

- All games will count for leg difference and teams will separated on this if there is a tie at the top of table at end of season.

Proposal to remove Shetland Doubles as a Grand Prix event and replace with a double start competition.

Proposal to make some other non Grand Prix events double start events.

Proposal to ensure that the final G.P event takes place around the end of February to ensure more time for Intercounty team to meet for practices .

Proposal that Viking shield is played over 2 Friday nights returning to original format at the start of season.

Proposal that all teams are entered automatically into the 2 team knockouts (Viking Shield & League Cup) rather than be asked to play.

Proposal submitted by Michael Grant that the league setup is changed back to 3 leagues with a 7:30pm start.

Proposal submitted by Stuart Paul that the league setup is changed back to 3 leagues with a 8:00pm start.

Proposal submitted by Michael Grant that Rule 14 is to be looked at and be altered or removed.

Proposal submitted by Brian Patterson that the league setup is changed back to 3 leagues and the current format is to remain with a prompt startime of 8pm.

Proposal submitted by Clive Scott: Should if the League structure is changed to either 2 or 3 Leagues the number of teams in each league are kept even to eliminate bye weeks.

Proposal submitted by Zetland Ladies Darts who would like a vote taken at the AGM to Deide whether womens competitions are held alond with Grand Prixes events so they can plan for the new season.

Proposal submitted by Colin Tulloch that the following rule is put forward for for consideration at AGM.

Competitive Rules League 10 e) - ‘Registered players can switch teams at end of first half of season only, provided the committee are consulted first with a valid reason to do so.’

I propose this rule should be changed to either:

Registered players can switch teams at end of first half of season by notifying the SDA Secretary.’

Or Delete rule entirely.

Colin Tulloch proposes that the SDA purchase six Target Corona Vision Dartboard LED Lighting Systems to be fitted to the six boards on the long wall downstairs in the RBL Lerwick.

Apart from the considerable amount of league games played there, this is where the majority of SDA open competitions are held. Replacing the current ineffective and obsolete spotlights would eliminate the annoying and distracting light reflected back off the dartboard surrounds. These efficient and cost effective systems provide consistent shadow-free lighting and would enhance this recently refurbished venue considerably to the benefit of all players

Proposals received for the 2019-2020 Intercounty Team Captain

- Jim Wood proposed Colin Tulloch

- Tommy Williamson proposed Iain Blance

- Neal Redfern proposed the SDA Committee

- Alasdair Harmsworth proposed Gareth Pottinger

- Stuart Paul proposed Maurice Clark.