Charlie Zoom Memorial shield Runner-up Stuart Paul (Left), Sandwick Social Club representative Shoan Sandison (centre) Charlie Zoom Memorial shield winner Liam Sutherland (right).

Friday night saw 53 players enter the Charlie “Zoom” Memorial Singles competition in the Sandwick Social club. After the early rounds which saw some very close games the quarter final saw Neal Redfern beat Jim Wood 4-0, Liam Sutherland win 4-1 over John Robert Scott, Calum Williamson defeat Gareth MacRitchie 4-2 and Stuart Paul beat Ramsay Hogg 4-0.

The semi-finals were played over the best of 7 legs and saw Liam Sutherland defeat last years winner Neal Redfern 4-1 and Stuart Paul beat Calum Williamson in the final leg to win 4-3.

The final was played over the best of 9 legs produced a very close game which went to a final leg decider with Liam holding on to emerge a 5-4 winner over Stuart and claim the Charlie Zoom Memorial Shield.

During the nights play 180’s where recorded from Liam Sutherland, John Robert Scott x2, Neal Redfern x3, Shaun MacKenzie, Ramsay Hogg, Calum Williamson & Gareth MacRitchie.

The highest checkout during the nights play was thrown by John Philip Hughes with a 147, other high checkouts were recorded from Roger Irvine 109, James Haa 112, 111, John Robert Scott 109 & Jim Wood 107.

Shetland Darts association would like thank the barstaff for their work during the night, Sandwick Social Club for hosting the event and sponsoring the competition.