LPSDA run a series of competitions called Grand Prixs throughout the season where all association members compete against each other to gain points which are collected on their progression through each competition. Once the final Grand Prix has being played, the top 8 players with the most points are selected to represent Shetland automatically with the remaining 4 places and the 2 reserve places being given wild card selections (picked by Intercounty captain) in the annual Inter-county match against rivals Orkney which is held at the end of April.

A full report From the 2019 Intercounty can be found in our News section:

See the full draw from each competition here.

iFlooring Shield :iflooring_shield_sin…pdf

Charlie "Zoom" Pottinger Memorial: charlie_zoom_singles…pdf

SDA Open Singles:sdaopensinglessingle…pdf

SDA Open Doubles: shetlanddoublespairs…pdf

Hughson Brothers Shield:hughsonbros20201sing…pdf

RBL Singles:rblsingles201920sing…pdf

SDA Open Shield (Whalsay):

NEXT GRAND PRIX : Saturday 29th February 2020: SDA Open Shield (Whalsay) @ Whalsay Boating Club.

Name (Team)Score
Liam Sutherland (Delting Boating Club)50
Neal Redfern (Hamnavoe)42
Roger Irvine (Whalsay)37
Stuart Paul (Posties)32
Barry Couper (Ajax)23
Ian Hannah (Bar Fines)22
Ramsay Hogg (Bar Fines)22
Gareth MacRitchie (Posties)21
Craig Smith (Ajax)17
John Robert Scott (Ajax)13
Marc Henry (Bar Stewards)13
Willum Gray (Scalloway Legion)13
Calum Irvine (Whalsay)13
Colin Tulloch (Posties)11
James Hall (Mirrie Dancers)11
Gareth Pottinger (Ajax)10
Calum Williamson (Posties)10
Clive Burgess (Posties)9
Scott Williamson (Delting Boating Club)8
James McNab (Bar Fines)7
Philip Mowat (Whalsay)7
Kenneth Henry (Hamnavoe)6
Shaun MacKenzie (Trumpton)6
Clive Scott (Ajax)6
John Philip Sandison (Whalsay)6
Alan Patterson (Tingwall)5
Jim Wood (Bar Stewards)5
Brian Patterson (Tingwall)3
Gary Devaney (Hamnavoe)3
Robbie Goudie (WSC)3
Steven Struthers (Nil Point)3
Peter Peterson (WSC)3
David Jamieson (Shafts)3
Liam Thomson (Nil Point)3
Liam Doull (Delting Boating Club)3
Stuart Fraser (Delting Boating Club)3
Scott Johnson (Delting Boating Club)3
Arnold Brown (Tingwall)3
George MacKay (Tingwall)3
Aiden Couper (Trows)2
Kevin Sutherland (Delting Boating Club)2
Keith Hay (Delting Boating Club)2
Kevin Llewellyn (Hamnavoe)2