Teams are to consist of at least 6 players, playing 12 singles matches and 1 team game if required, starting at no later than 8pm.

Games will consist of 12 singles matches being played over the best of 3 legs 501, Straight start finish on a Double. Should a match finish level at 6 Games all, a team game consisting of 6 players playing a single leg of 1001 will determine the winner.

Each Player may only play once in the first 6 matches and only once in the 2nd 6 matches. On completion of the first 6 matches substitutions may be made.

Bull up at the start of each game. Winner of bull throws first in legs 1 & 3.

The captain of the Winning Team notifies League Secretary of the result.

There will be NO cancelation of games. Teams not completing games by the given dates will be eliminated.


The first round Draw will take place on Thursday 3rd October and each round thereafter will be drawn at the following monthly committee meetings.

Each round will be drawn at random. The First team drawn in each fixture will be considered the home team and matches will take place at their home board (with the exception of the final which will take place on a neutral board).