Shetland Darts Association: 2019/2020 Constitution

1. NAME:
The name shall be “Shetland Darts Association”

(a) To promote the sport of darts.
(b) To organise darts events and competitions.
(c) To encourage darts within the county of Shetland.
(d) To encourage darts with teams from other centre’s.

Membership shall be open to all male members of the community over fourteen years of age who are interested and prepared to play within association areas (Refer to point 14 (c),) The annual fee for each team will be set at the AGM and will include both league and team knockout competitions.
Team fees shall fall due at the first executive committee meeting following the AGM, any team or person failing to pay their fees shall cease to be a member.

(1) The affairs of the association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the Office bearers plus 6 ordinary members, all of whom shall be elected at the AGM.
(2) The Office bearers who shall be honorary shall be the President, Treasurer and Secretary. If the post of any officer or ordinary member should fall vacant after such an election, the executive committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until the succeeding AGM.
(3) All Executive Committee members must be members of the Association.
(4) The said Officers shall also be the trustees ex officiis of the Association who shall hold any property belonging to the Association in their name and shall further be entitled to sue and be sued on behalf of the Association as trustees ex officiis. They shall be entitled to personal indemnity out of the funds of the Association where they are acting bona fide in their capacity as Officers of the Association.
(5) (a)anyone causing a misdemeanor at a function of the association, or at a function of any organization of which the association is a member, which is likely to bring the association, another organization or the sport of darts into disrepute, shall be called before the Association disciplinary committee and a decision taken as to their participation in darts events. If they fail to present themselves when called to do so, a decision shall be taken on their behalf.
Members being called to appear at the disciplinary committee hearing may request that committee to allow witnesses to appear on their behalf.
The disciplinary committee shall have powers to impose fines to a maximum of one hundred pounds (£100) and to impose suspensions. Any suspension imposed shall be binding on all member league/associations and no member under suspension shall be allowed to play in, or take part in any way, in any matches, or functions of the member league/associations.
All decisions of the disciplinary committee shall be subject to ratification by the association committee. The decision shall then be notified to the member in writing before any statements are released to the publicity media.
(b)The disciplinary committee shall be represented by at least five members of the associations sub-committee, under the chairmanship of the association chairman who shall have no vote at disciplinary meetings. The association shall have the right to increase the membership of the disciplinary committee, if deemed necessary.
(c)Members fined or suspended by the disciplinary committee shall have the right to appeal against the decision. Any appeal must be lodged with the association committee within fourteen days of the postmark on the envelope conveying the decision. All such appeals shall be heard by an appeal committee which will consist of the elected office bearers. No person who was a member of the disciplinary committee which dealt with the case under appeal shall be eligible to be a member of the appeal committee.

At all meetings the President shall be the Chairman, and in his absence the meeting will elect a chairman.

At any Committee meeting the quorum shall consist of five members.
At an AGM the quorum shall be twenty members.

(a) Voting at all meetings shall be a show of hands with each delegate having one vote.
(b) If immediately following the declaration of the result of the voting on any question on a show of hands at least five delegates present shall demand a card vote, then the question shall be decided on a card vote.
(c) On a card vote the number of votes shall consist of one vote per team registered in the league structure.
(d) In the event of equality of votes cast the chairman shall have the casting vote.

The AGM of the Association shall take place in the month of August each year and only members associated in the previous year shall be entitled to vote at annual meeting or extraordinary general meeting.

(a) An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called by the Secretary on a requisition in writing by 12 members (as at an AGM), or by direction from the President.
(b) The committee shall have the power to call special meetings, should they think advisable and shall be bound to call special general meetings of the association on receiving a requisition (specifying the object) from no fewer than three members.

The committee shall meet on the first Thursday of each month.

(a) The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Association for all receipts and payments, and for keeping of books and records of his intromissions as may be required by the Committee.
(b) The financial year of the Association shall end seven days before the AGM each year when an Abstract of the Accounts shall be presented to the AGM.
(c) Any profits arising shall be used in furthering the objectives of the Association as detailed herein.

No alteration to the foregoing constitution shall be made, except at the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose. Any member desiring to submit a motion proposing changes in the constitution shall give notice of such a motion in writing, specifying the changes proposed, to the committee no later than two weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting or Special meeting, provided however that this rule shall not apply to any alteration which the Association shall at any time authorise to be placed on the agenda.

Should for any reason the Shetland Darts Association dissolve, an EGM must be called and any monies remaining after all debts are cleared, will be distributed to other sporting organisations and or charities, voted on at that EGM.

(a) It is the captains and teams responsibility to maintain the playing area and the boards to a good standard throughout the season and the responsibility of team members to report a problem to the elected committee if any matters arise. In that case the committee would take action if deemed necessary.
(b) The use of electronic score boards is acceptable providing there is a back up of a marker board in case of dispute and/or power failure.
(c) All players are obliged to abide by the rules of the establishment that they are playing in and respect the patrons in the establishment so as not to bring the association into disrepute.

All tournaments and competitions shall be governed by the playing rules of each particular tournament or competition.


(a) The post of Intercounty captain is open to any person who is registered as a player in the previous season and may be nominated for captaincy through nominations. Should more than 2 nominees be received a vote will be taken at the AGM with all registered players in attendance having a right to vote.

(b) The Intercounty Captain will be picked at the AGM at the beginning of each season. Nominations are to be in at the Pre AGM-meeting 2 weeks prior to the AGM. Nominees must provide valid reasons on why they are applying for the captaincy.

(c) The Length of term an Intercounty Captain remains in place will be 1 Year – but he can be nominated to continue as Intercounty team captain for another term at the next AGM.

(d) Should no nominations be received to contest the captaincy the current captain may continue for another year, if other nominations are received then a vote as outlined above will take place at the AGM.

(e) The role of the Captain will to be select from the qualifying players available to select the best team to take part in all/any matches which the Shetland Team are deemed to take part in for the whole year, He can arrange any practice sessions as he sees fit before any official matches.

(f) The committee and the automatically qualified players will meet with the team captain at an arranged meeting and everyone discuss and provide input towards the selection of wildcard selections the captain makes a final decision on the Final Intercounty squad.

(g)Players selected to represent Shetland at Inter-counties MUST be available for All matches, players who are not available must prior from the elected team captain.

(h)Any changes to the following points regarding Intercounty Captaincy will only take place at the ASGM before the following commences.

(i) Players selected to represent Shetland at Inter-counties MUST be available for All matches, players who are not available must prior from the elected team captain.

Any matter not covered by the foregoing can be temporarily decided at a meeting of the executive committee with the proviso that it is placed on the agenda for the next AGM.



Download a PDF copy of the 2018/19 Constitution Here: