The following competitive rules are correct for the 2019/2020 Shetland Darts Association season.


  1. The board should be fixed to the wall so that the centre is 5’ 8” above the floor.
  2. The oche should be on the floor at a distance of 7’ 9 ¼” from the board and parallel to it.
  3. The oche should not be stepped on or over whilst the player is throwing. If it is, the score for that throw will not count.
  4. The area of play shall be that area of the board bounded by the outer “double” board wire.
  5. Only those darts, which have their points sticking into the board within the area of play, will score. Darts, which lie under the wire, shall score that amount where the point of the dart entered the board, except where it enters from outside the area of play. No dart can be re-thrown.
  6. Games shall be straight start and finish on a double or bull.
  7. A player may be told what he has scored or what he has left during his throw by the marker if he so wishes.
  8. If a player scores more than he requires then he is “bust” and reverts to the required score on his next throw.


10. All teams must be registered at the AGM and pay the registration fee by the date determined at this meeting

a) Each team is allowed to register up to a total of 14 players. The team captain on paying his teams fees must provide a list of a minimum of 6 players for the forthcoming season.

b) Teams may sign players to their team during the season without exceeding the maximum limit of 14 players. The league secretary must be informed of any new signing to that team.

c) All players must be registered with the association to be eligible for selection towards the Shetland Intercounty Team.

d) Registered players MAY NOT switch teams during the season, once a player has signed for a team he must remain for that team for the full season and may only sign for a new team at the start of the following season.

f) Players may be signed on the night of a match if a team has only 5 players at the start or will be left with 5 players during the night but cannot play if they are already registered for another team during the season. Players may only be signed if the signing team has not surpassed their maximum quota of 14 players and the league secretary has been informed along with the opposition captain who signs the team sheet to agree no later than 2000 on the night of the game.

g) Should a captain of the opposition team fail to agree on a team signing a player on the night of a league game, the game will go ahead with the signed player being allowed to play. The opposing team will then contact the committee within 24hrs after the match has being played with a valid reason for that player not to play. The committee will then meet to discuss the ruling and apply penalties if necessary.

11. Both the Premier Division & 2nd Division matches shall consist of 2 sections of 6 Singles games The 1st six Singles games will be the best of 5 legs 501, the 2nd six Singles will be the best of 3 legs 501, The away team starts play in the odd numbered legs.

1st Division matches shall consist of 2 sets of 6 Singles The 1st six Singles games will be the best of 5 legs 501, the 2nd six Singles will be the best of 5 legs 501. The away team starts play in the odd numbered legs

(The format for each Division is decided on at the AGM with the players from each division Deciding on the number of legs each game in their own division is played over)

b) Each singles game will count as point for the Team they play for. A maximum of 12 points are available during each Fixture. Should the score be level following all 12 Singles games the overall Fixture will result in a 6-6 draw, there is no need for an extra leg to be played to determine the winner.

12. The starting time of all games is to be NO LATER THAN 2000 HRS (8PM) on the night. Games may start beforehand if the captains of both teams agree to do so.

a). Team captains are to exchange team order before start of play using team sheets supplied. The home team should provide and complete the match details (Team names and date) on a team sheet for all league matches.

b). The home captain should fill in their 1st 6 Singles including first and last names (NO NICKNAMES) then fold the sheet before giving it to the opposing captain to do likewise.
c). On completion of 1st 6 Singles, the home captain should complete the 2nd 6 singles section of the sheet as per (b) and pass to the opposing captain to do likewise.

d). Substitutions must be included on team sheets and may be used following the 1st 6 singles games. Each Player may only play Once in each Section of 6 singles games.

e). The home team is responsible for providing a marker for all games the use of electronic Scoreboards is allowable during games provided that both captains agree before the match begins.

f). Markers must record the scores thrown by each player during their previous throw along with the score each player has remaining during each leg

g) Team line ups (including subs) should be displayed beside the board during matches

13. Team representatives are also requested to post a photo of weekly team sheet on the Facebook page or send a photo the league secretary via “What’s App” “Messenger” or “Text message”. Please make every effort to get score sheets in for website stats. Failure to comply may result in penalties being imposed. Results must be with the President/Secretary no later than 3pm on Saturday following the Friday’s matches.

14. For league games; teams should consist of 6 players with up to 6 substitutes being allowed per game, however teams can play with a minimum of 4 players resulting in the forfeit of 2 of the first 6 Singles games and 2 of the second 6 singles games.

15. Any team not ready to start in as per rules 12 & 14 shall forfeit 5 points.

16. Fixture dates can be rearranged no later than 8pm on The MONDAY before their game is due to be played, if both captains agree and the SDA secretary (Gareth MacRitchie) or President (Alasdair Harmsworth) have been informed, any fixture postponed in first half of the season MUST be played before the second half starts. All second half fixtures must be completed by the 2nd last Weekend of the of the season, failure to do so will result in a 10-point penalty carried over to following season. When a game is not played the team, who has been postponed against must give two dates to get the match replayed, if a date cannot be agreed the committee will set one in favour of the team who has been cancelled against.. Failure to play on this date may result in a points deduction and the committee setting a score line.

18. If any dispute arises during a match, which cannot be settled by the two captains, the match must be completed, and the committee being informed within the week of the match taking place.

19. Teams wishing to appeal a decision by the committee must immediately contact a committee member stating their intention to appeal a decision. This appeal must then be backed up with a written letter and MUST be handed to a committee member before the following committee meeting. Failure to do so will result in committee decisions being upheld and appeals being invalid.

20. NOTE any teams involved in Up Helly Aa/Fire Festivals are urged to play their matches in advance to avoid fixture congestion at end of season.

21. On Completion of the league season should 2 or several more teams be tied for 1st place or a promotion position a playoff match of league format should be arranged to take place at a neutral venue on the following Friday of the last league fixture to determine final league placing.

22. Any team altering venue or team name, due to a change in venue, but retaining six players of the original team can be placed in the league the original team played for.

23. Any new teams entering the league structure for the first time will be entered the league structure in the lower most league.

b). On completion of the season the bottom two teams from the Premier Division will be relegated to the First Division and Replaced by the top 2 sides finishing top of the First division who will be promoted in their place. The bottom two teams from the First Division will be relegated to the second Division and replaced by the 2 sides finishing top of the second division who will be promoted in their place.

c). League Structure is set at the AGM and should a team fold and not enter the following season or a new team enter the league, the number of teams relegated may difference to meet the structure set at AGM.